The ASM UNIQUE series linear units are the best summery of our 40 years of experience in development of solutions for automation and robotics, in expecially for linear motion system. The UNIQUE units use the best components available on the market; the use of precision recirculation ball screw, on aluminium profiles, allows high flow rates and ensure reliability and duration over time.

The type of mechanical trasmission is chosen considering the various parameters relating to the end use.
The available trasmissions are made by: toothed belt, ball screw, rack and pinion. The different solutions proposed are customizable according to specific customer requests and can also be configurable in complex multi-stage structures.

The units are proposed in the basic version and can be fitted with a series of accessories and equipments to complete, such as: motors, gearboxes, cable drug chain, decelerators, sensors, plates and standard or custom connection slides.
The linear units UNIQUE are available in three sizes: 10, 20 and 30 to satisfy the most various customer needs.

Main features

  • High moment of inertia
  • High rigidity of the structure
  • High loads
  • High precision
  • Lifetime and reliability
  • Modularity
  • Low noise
  • Multistage complex structures X-Y-Z
  • Wide range of available accessories
  • Optional customizing